Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Techniques: I love the camera's 10 sec timer

It's a well known camera feature not a lot of users maximize, well me included. Only a few months back did it struck me - It's not just good for taking group shots!

Most amateurs, like me, use the 10 second timer for group shots or people shots. We leave the camera on a tripod or a stable object and voila. . . a perfect group shot with no extended arms.

We get this ...

Instead of this...

But wait, apparently, we can use the timer to get shots like this...

In summary, timers can be used when:

1. we don't have a tripod,
2. it's dark, and again, we don't have a tripod,
3. when we want to take in more detail, movement, with a 2 or 1 sec shutter speed

How about you, any ideas on how to maximize the timer?