Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When Pictures tell Stories

Last night I attended a photograph workshop at UP Diliman. Thanks to my high school friend's sister who tagged and invited me to this event via Facebook. It was a free event, highly accessible and very enriching.

The event was a photography workshop called Conversations with Rick Rocamora, and was sponsored by Unlike other photography workshops I've attended, this one was unique. What made it different was the man, Mr. Rick Rocamora. He was a photographer with a purpose and passion for photography. It wasn't just about the technicalities and aesthetics of a picture. It's more about his work and the journey and life stories behind each picture.

Rick Rocamora, a photographer with a message

Rick is a well-travelled man. He is a Filipino-American who uses his talent in photography to communicate his stand and concern over issues that are important to him, one of which is the plight of Filipino War Veterans in the US. He showed us his book with photos of men/women/families. Each person he knew, each one with a story to tell, and each story he knows by heart.

The workshop was inspiring to me as a photo enthusiast and Filipino.

Anyway, here are some of the things he said that struck me the most, quotable quotes you can say:

1. "Pictures tell the Truth."
2. "Get near your subject."

and my favorite

3. "Develop a Point of View." (A person with a belief and a stand has more thoughts that make their pictures not only beautiful but also meaningful)

For more information on Mr. Rocamora, visit his blog.